Road Rage

By Charu Shukla @ Sydney Traffic Lawyers

Road Rage – Anger Management Issues

Road rage has been on the increase, probably due to less tolerance in people behind vehicles these days. Almost all road users, drivers or pedestrians have encountered road rage. It can be either a rude gesture, honking, tailgating or even assault that may lead to injury or death.

What is Road Rage

Road rage is an instant aggressive reaction to the actions of other drivers. It can be triggered by events like drivers not indicating, slow drivers, changing lanes unnecessarily etc. All road rage incidents do not result in accidents but can involve aggressive acts. Road rage is not illegal in itself, but if lead to physical altercations or harm can turn into a criminal act.

In a recent incident on Horsley Drive, Fairfield NSW, road rage lead to an attack on the driver. The driver of the white jeep pulled from the left side street and attempted to cross two lanes and double lines to cross right. It is when, he was attacked and punched by a shirtless man and lead to a fight between the two car drivers. This kind of act is not tolerable, even in the eyes of law.

What causes road rage

Increased level of stress can be the main cause of road rage. People these days are surrounded by all kinds of stress. Be it work or family or social, everything adds up. The increased level of traffic and time taken while commuting just escalates the aggression on the road. They lose their temper and patience. We believe it is a way of releasing their stress, which is not right.

We as humans tend to instantly judge a person by their actions. Not all wrong acts on the road are on purpose, they can be mistakes. We need to be more considerate and keep an open mind when on the roads. One can overcome road rage, if one follows these simple tips:

  • Keep a positive attitude and an open mind for other drivers
  • Plan your travel ahead of time to avoid delays
  • Avoid being behind the wheel when tired or agitated
  • Be more tolerant and forgiving

And remember, be calm and distance yourself from such rage and think about the consequences that can stem from such reaction.