Is alcohol in food putting you at risk of being over the limit?

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Alcohol in Food


It is believed that alcohol contained in food such as desserts does not increase BAC. It is a common perception that the alcohol ‘cooks off’ when used in food preparation. But in fact, only some amount of alcohol evaporates while cooking and the percentage depends on the amount of time taken to cook the dish and the amount of heat applied. Also, the type of vessel used for preparation like something simmered in a shallow pan for hours will retain less alcohol than a splash of wine to finish a dish, has to be considered.

Obviously, the high heat of a deep fryer would have a different effect on BAC than a quick flambé. Research shows that 30 minutes of baking with alcohol can reduce the presence of alcohol in food only by 30 percent. So, it is relevant to point that alcohol consumed in any form, be it in food or liquid form, may increase BAC level to be detected in a breathalyser.

It also depends on how soon you have been asked to use a breathalyser after consuming the alcohol contained food. If you blow into a breathalyser right away then the reading can show presence of alcohol. But after 20 minutes or so, that should dissipate, and the breathalyser should be measuring your deep lung alcohol.

If your food contains alcohol, consider whether you are safe to drive. Take similar precautions as you would take after drinking alcohol.

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