Why should you always drive with your licence on you

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Always take your licence with you


The law states that when you are driving a car you must carry your licence.

While police will not pull you over just to check your driver licence, you will be required to produce it during normal traffic enforcement activities such as random breath tests, vehicle checks, following an accident or if you commit a traffic offence.

Leaving your licence behind for a quick trip to shops or pick up kids from school or any other reason, can cost you $99 in fines in NSW. However, police officers have discretion in minor traffic matters and are able to accept a reasonable excuse or issue an informal verbal caution or a formal caution that has no penalty attached. Police in these situations, generally use cautioning policy which has proved to be an excellent tool to encourage people to follow the law.

If it is an emergency or you have genuinely forgotten your driver licence, Police officers have discretion to issue an informal or formal caution.

Make it a habit of carrying your licence when driving, as it is in the best interest of one’s self.

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