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 Sydney Traffic Lawyers is a law firm that exclusively practices in the area of Traffic Law. Though this area of the law is often overlooked, traffic related charges are among those most commonly faced in the NSW Courts. By focusing solely on traffic matters, we give our clients the best representation that money can buy.
We founded our firm with two very specific goals in mind. Firstly, to assemble a team of the best lawyers in NSW with expert knowledge in the field of Traffic Law. And, secondly, to offer a Fixed Fee Guarantee. That means, before any legal proceedings begin, we fix a fee with each client and guarantee that their final payment won’t go a cent over that quote.
Our expert approach in combination with our Fixed Fee Guarantee have made us the industry leaders in this unique area, representing clients daily in the Local, District, and Supreme Courts of NSW.
If you are facing any charge relating to traffic law, we know exactly how to represent you.
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How We Can Assist

Going to court can be a very stressful, confusing and daunting experience for those who have limited experience with the law.
The decision that a Court makes can sometimes amount to the difference between freedom and imprisonment; a clean record or a conviction; a driver’s licence or months of using public transport.
Therefore, it is crucial to have qualified lawyers on your side to help you out and advise you accordingly when your matter goes to court.

Justice; Criminal Lawyer; Lawyer; Drug Lawyer; Traffic Lawyer; Legal Advice

We carefully ASSESS your case

Criminal Lawyer; Lawyer; Drug Lawyer; Traffic Lawyer; Legal Advice

We ADVISE you on all your legal options, and give you our Fixed Fee Guarantee

Criminal Lawyer; Lawyer; Drug Lawyer; Traffic Lawyer; Legal Advice

We ADVOCATE on your behalf, and get you back on the road sooner

Because we specialise in the specific area of traffic law, we provide you with an expert service that begins at first contact with the police right through to the finalisation of your matter in court.

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“Instant rapport” On making contact with Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers, I was treated with respect and instantly had a rapport with my solicitor. I would happily recommend Sydney Criminal Defence Lawyers, not only for there expertise and professionalism, but the way they understand the client’s needs.
2nd August, 2010