Cracking down on mobile phone use whilst driving- And who pays for it

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Crackdown on mobile phone use while driving


NSW is the first state in Australia that will have new hi-tech cameras installed to detect and crack down the illegal use of mobile phones while driving. The new rules passed by the NSW parliament expects to reduce the fatalities on NSW roads.

“The community wants safer roads and better driver behaviour,” said Mrs Pavey. “Three quarters of those surveyed supported the use of cameras to enforce illegal mobile phone use.”

It is reported that between 2012 to 2017 there were 184 crashes involving the illegal use of mobile phone and resulted in seven deaths and 105 injuries.

In 2016-2017 financial year, more than 40,000 people were fined by NSW police for illegally using mobile phone while driving.

In NSW, a full license driver illegally using a mobile phone can be slapped with a $330 fine and four demerit points, regardless of whether they are repeat offenders or not. The offence attracts double demerits during police blitzes.

Learners, P1 and P2 license holders are not permitted to use their mobile phones at all, even when they are waiting at the traffic lights or stuck in traffic.

Full license holders can use their mobile phones as long as they are mounted on a holder and used to make or receive calls, navigation or audio play.

In February this year, serial texter Jakob Thornton, was allegedly engrossed in his phone when he ploughed into a roadside breath test in southwest Sydney, seriously injuring two officers. That 20 seconds of mobile phone use in a car travelling at 60km/h was equivalent to driving blind for 330 metres, Parliament was told.

Senior Constable Jonathon Wright had his foot and part of his lower leg amputated and Senior Constable Matthew Foley suffered a broken leg.

Mrs Pavey said the revenue raised from the camera detection technology will paid into the Community Road Safety Fund.

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