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Street racing and drag racing offences are taken seriously by the Courts, and depending on the circumstances of the offence, can attract periods of imprisonment. Tough measures are in place to ensure that public roads are not used as race tracks, and such dangerous behaviour in this regard is not tolerated by the Courts.


As seen pursuant to section 115 of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW), an individual must not  organise, promote or take part in:

  1. any kind of race between vehicles on a public road; or
  2. any attempts to break any vehicle speed record on a public road; or
  3. any attempts try to test the speed of any vehicle on the road; or
  4. attempt to make any competitive trial that is designed to test the skill of any vehicle driver; or
  5. check the condition of any vehicle as to whether it is reliable,


unless by first obtaining written consent and approval by the police.


What Are You Charged With for Street Racing or Drag Racing?


If it is found by police that a person has committed an offence of street racing, performance of an aggravated burnout, engagement of a police pursuit, or speeding by more than 45 km/h, they may immediately confiscate the number plates of the vehicle being driven dangerously for a fixed period of 3 months, as an alternative to impoundment of the vehicle. That is not to say that the vehicle will not be impounded – this is still an option that is readily available to the police. A person can make an application to the court for the early release of the confiscated plates or an impounded vehicle.


Alternatively, the police also have the power to immediately suspend the licence of a driver that has been charged with a street racing or aggravated burnout offence, that of which can remain in place until the charge is determined by a court.


A person who is found guilty of being a part in street racing may face a maximum fine of $3,300, and an automatic disqualification period of 12 months for a first time offence. Repeat offenders can face a maximum fine of $3,300, a maximum imprisonment term of up to 9 months, and an automatic licence disqualification period for 12 months.


In cases where an offender has been charged with street racing, drag racing or an aggravated burnout offence, it is always a great idea to get in touch with a competent traffic lawyer as soon as possible, as they will be able to properly advise you as to the defences available in your case.


it is essential that motorists drive in a manner that is safe not only to themselves, but to other road users. It is clear that the courts do not tolerate ignorance of the road rules with respect to street racing, and the penalties associated with this charge could have a negative impact not only on your life, but the lives of others.




If you are facing street racing charges and need help, give us a call at Sydney Traffic Lawyers. We will connect you with a street racing lawyer in Sydney who can walk you through the basics of your charges and learn more about your case. From there, we will identify and build the best defence possible for your situation. To schedule a consultation today, give us a call on (02) 8059 7121.