Drink Driving Charges in NSW


Drink Driving Charges in NSW

Drink driving is a serious offence that can attract heavy fines, licence disqualifications and even prison sentences.

Sydney Traffic Lawyers will help you reduce the penalties handed down by the Court. We may even be able to have your matter dispensed without conviction by way of a section 10 dismissal or bond, particularly for low-range or some mid-range PCA matter, depending on the circumstances of the case.

PCA charges relate to the specific measurement of your blood alcohol level, via a breath test, and subsequent breath analysis, or even blood tests. Different types of licences have different PCA limits. For regular licences, the limit is 0.05. For licences with special conditions, such as bus, truck or taxi licences, the limit is 0.02. For L-Plate or P-Plate drivers, the limit is 0.00.


DUI Charges


DUI charges, on the other hand, are issued without a breath test or other tests, but when there is a reasonable suspicion that a driver is affected by alcohol. For example, the police or witnesses may notice that a driver’s speech is slurred, they are walking unsteadily, their breath smells of alcohol, or other such circumstances that may suggest that alcohol may have affected their driving.

Both PCA and DUI charges can sound in severe penalties, so it would make sense to obtain legal advice from lawyers who specialise in the traffic Law.


How Sydney Traffic Lawyers can help?


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