Drink driving and drug driving – What is the legal limit?

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Alcohol and drugs – Driving under the influence


The laws in NSW limit the amount of alcohol you can consume if you are driving a vehicle.

Legal limits

Your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) must be under the limit as shown in the table. Heavy penalties apply for driving with a blood alcohol concentration on or over the limit.

Blood alcohol concentration limits

As a learner and provisional driver, you must not drive after you have consumed anyalcoholic drinks or foods containing alcohol.

This table shows the blood alcohol concentration limits for all licence classes. You must stay below these limits.


Drugs, legal and illegal

It is illegal to drive, attempt to drive or instruct a learner while affected by drugs.

Drug testing / RBT

Police will arrest you if they suspect you are driving while impaired by drugs. You will be taken to a hospital to give samples of blood and urine for drug testing.

In the event of a crash where someone is admitted to hospital, blood samples are taken which may be tested for drugs.

Medicines and over-the-counter drugs can affect you

Many prescription and some over-the-counter medicines may make you unfit to drive. They can affect your concentration, mood, coordination and reactions as a driver.

Do not drive while taking medicines with a warning label that tells you not to drive.

Medicines that affect driving:

  • Some pain killers
  • Medicines for blood pressure, nausea, allergies, inflammations
    and fungal infections
  • Tranquillisers, sedatives and sleeping pills
  • Some diet pills
  • Some cold and flu medicines.