Fines for using your horn!


When can you use your car horn?

A friendly wave out the window or a short cheerful toot on the horn is a pretty standard Aussie ritual when it comes to departing salutations.

Don’t do it. You have inappropriately used you car’s warning device. And if your hand is outside the window you have committed the crime of limb protrude.

Rule 224 Use/allow use of horn/warning device unnecessarily – $325 fine

Rule 268 (3) Part of body outside vehicle window/door – $325 fine, 3 demerits

When can you use your horn?

You must not use the horn or any other warning device unless:

  • You need to warn other road users that your vehicle is approaching
  • You need to warn animals to get off the road
  • The horn is being used as part of an anti-theft or alcohol interlock device fitted to your vehicle.

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