Is using a mobile phone in your lap for navigation illegal?

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Use of Mobile Phone


From 1 July 2018 drivers can be charged for using mobile phone whilst driving via camera detection.

This includes use of mobile phone in your lap for navigation. The technology doesn’t track the person’s face to see if they are distracted, instead it focuses on the phone itself. The cameras can detect a phone in your lap.

Learner’s, P1 and P2 license holders are not allowed to use their phones under any circumstances while driving, even for navigation. This includes when waiting at traffic lights or stuck in traffic. They are allowed to use GPS device for navigation as long as it is secured to a mounting fixed to the vehicle and does not obscure the driver’s view of the road.

Fully licensed drivers can use their mobile phones for limited purposes like,

  • To make or answer a call
  • To use audio playing function
  • Navigation

ONLY if the phone is either:

  • In a cradle fixed to the vehicle and does not obscure the drivers view of the road
  • Can be operated without touching any part of the phone, such as via Bluetooth or voice activation

You CANNOT use mobile phone for anything else, including:

  • Texting
  • Taking photos or videos
  • Emailing
  • Using social media
  • Playing games

Offenders will be penalised with four demerit points for the offence.

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