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The law in New South Wales does not tolerate dangerous driving behaviour associated with drink driving whatsoever. Any driver who is convicted of a high range, serious or repeat drink driving offence is subject to strict penalties. If convicted by a court on or after 1 February 2015, offenders will be restricted to only drive vehicles that are installed with alcohol interlock devices for any period of time, as prescribed by the law or Courts, upon the conclusion of their licence suspension period. This is known as the Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program (MAIP).  


What Are Alcohol Interlock Devices?


An alcohol interlock device is similar to breath test devices that are used by the police during breath tests, although the main difference between the two pieces of equipment is that an alcohol interlock device controls an individual’s vehicle in the sense that the interlock device is linked with the vehicle’s ignition. Prior starting the vehicle, the driver must to blow into the interlock device, where the machine then analyses the sample for the presence of alcohol. If a positive sample of alcohol is present, the vehicle will not start. The interlock device will also subject the driver to randomly timed breath tests that must be passed during a journey.


Conditions to be Remembered by Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program Participants


  1. Before applying for an interlock licence, a MAIP participant must ensure that they have acquired a completed medical consultation certificate, interlock installation certificate, and interlock driver licence statement and privacy declaration form.
  2. A MAIP participant can only drive a vehicle on a road if it is fitted with an approved interlock device which must have been installed by an accredited interlock service provider. It is the participant’s own responsibility to ensure that their device is regularly serviced by an accredited interlock service provider for the duration of their program.
  3. The costs associated with installing and regularly servicing alcohol interlock devices must be paid for by the MAIP participant. Roads and Maritimes Services estimates the total standard costs of installation, monthly device leading, regular servicing and device removal to be approximately $2,200.00 per year.
  4. A MAIP participant can only drive a vehicle if a negative sample is provided which shows a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of 0.00 in order for the vehicle to start, and must also continue to pass any random breath tests throughout a journey.


What is the Aim of this Program?


The Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program is an action of the New South Wales Road Safety Strategy in attempting to combat drink driving. Its primary aim is to reduce drink-driving related deaths and injuries on public roads in New South Wales, and to improve overall road safety.


As mentioned by Roads and Maritime Services, research shows that drivers who have been convicted of a drink driving offence in the past are up to four times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash, compared to the average driver. The Mandatory Alcohol Interlock Program assists  participants to break their drink driving habits by creating a physical barrier between the two activities, thus reducing the chances of the driver being a risk to others on public roads. The research also highlights the rehabilitative effect of the program, showing that while interlock devices are installed the vehicle of participants, the likelihood of their offending is greatly reduced.  




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