“Stellar legal firm”


The fallout from an acrimonious relationship breakdown with false allegations made to Police for the purpose of Family Law posturing threatened my own professional career over and above the perfidious tactics orchestrated in the Circuit Court by my estranged wife and her legal team. My calls to SCDL were immediately acted upon, and Robert’s ability to assimilate, regurgitate and orchestrate an awesome counter-offensive was second to none. His application of the law and ability to recall the pertinent minutiae of the most appropriate caselaw was astounding. As he resumed his seat in a breathless Court I wanted to call out, “Encore! Encore!”, but the Magistrate, breathless and dizzy himself, put paid to that and delivered a judgment which, ultimately, was in my favour and totally validated my choice of this stellar legal firm. Grisham would have burned through three pencils and earned himself one helluva blister if he’d been in attendance! Bravo!

Adam P