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Woman driving six times over legal alcohol limit


A woman crashed into a stationary Nissan Navara on Caravan Head Road in Oyster Bay just before 2.40 pm on Wednesday, whilst drink driving.

The 43-year-old woman was heading to a school in Sutherland shire in a Lexus SUV with an alcohol level of almost six times the legal limit when the crash occurred.

There were no injuries reported. But the police allege that the woman failed to stop and instead continued driving to a school. They could not confirm if she was travelling to pick up children from school.

She had to be pulled out of the car by the members of public and later taken home by a family member in Caravan Head Road.

She was breath tested at home by the police which returned a blood alcohol level almost six times the legal limit.

She was arrested and taken to Sutherland police station where she was tested again, and allegedly returned a blood-alcohol level reading of .287.

She was charged with high range drink driving and failure to stop. She was granted bail. Her license has been suspended.

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